Rules & Regulations

Community Rules and Regulations at Hudson Meadows

The following provisions are established for the convenience, health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Hudson Meadows. While some of these rules and regulations may cause inconvenience to some at times, they are necessary to ensure a clean, well-kept and orderly environment. Each resident, upon occupancy, agrees to abide by the following provisions. As this document is a legal contract for your residency, if you need clarification of any of these provisions, please free to contact Community Management or independent counsel. Please be advise that if a tenant fails to enter into a lease, the Community rules and regulations govern conduct at Hudson Meadows.

  1. All lot leases and related documents must be completed, signed and approved by Management prior to entering occupancy of a mobile or manufactured home in the Hudson Meadows.
  2. The landlord reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone whose mobile or manufactured home is not considered acceptable in appearance or condition’ All future manufactured homes in the community must have peaked shingled roofs and be vinyl sided.
  3. The rent will be paid in advance and is due and owing on the FIRST day of each month. The tenant agrees to pay a FIVE (5%) PERCENT LATE FEE if the landlord had not RECEIVED the entire amount due by rent by the TENTH day of the month.
  4. Rental payments are to be made out to: WYTHE & ROEDLING LLC and mailed to: 499 Route 299, Apt 2D, Highland, NY 12528
  5. There will be a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds, and if this happens on more than THREE occasions, the owner has the right to restrict payment by certified check, bank check or money order. The landlord reserves the right to assess a security deposit on those existing tenants who have repeatedly been delinquent or late in their rental payments.
  6. No mobile or manufactured home may be moved in or out of the Park without the prior written consent of the landlord. All tenants must notify and obtain the landlords consent within 30 days prior to any such move. A forwarding address must be given and all outstanding accounts must be paid in full. Removal of a home shall be done only between the hours of 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. except Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays. Since all rents are paid by calendar months, no adjustments or refunds will be made for any portion of a month’ Proof of insurance to move the mobile or manufactured homes must be provided to Wythe & Roedling LLC – Hudson Meadows must be named on the insurance rider.
  7. No mobile or manufactured home may be rented, loaned, occupied or used without the park’s prior written approval. The mobile or manufactured home lot may not be sub-leased or assigned without the park’s prior written approval. lf approval is denied, a written reason will be supplied to the tenant. An approved credit report of the proposed tenant is required before any approval may be considered.
  8. “FOR SALE” signs are not permitted within the park.
  9. If you wish to sell your mobile or manufactured home and have it remain in the park, it must be sold using one of the following methods:
    • LISTING WITH MANAGEMENT: Notify management of your desired net price and moving date. We will attempt to sell your mobile or manufactured home through our contacts with prospective buyers’ Management will assist in arranging bank financing for prospective buyers, if necessary. A commission on the sale of the mobile or manufactured home is payable to WYTHE & ROEDLING LLC for this service.
    • SELLING THE MOBLE OR MANUFACTURED HOME YOURSELF: You may sell your mobile or manufactured home yourself, but you must arrange for an interview between the prospective purchaser of your mobile or manufactured home and park management before you close the sale. The buyer’s eligibility for tenancy will be determined and a lease and compliance with park rules will be discussed at this interview. Management may not unjustifiably refuse your prospective purchaser as a tenant, provided the buyer is credit-worthy, and meets the remainder of the park management’s requirements for tenancy.
  10. No mobile or manufactured home may be sold within the park to any person who has not been previously approved by park management’ in the event tenant sells or otherwise transfers his home in violation of this park rule, tenant will continue to be responsible for the rent until the new owner has either entered into a lease agreement, or landlord has approved the new tenant, including full credit approval, such approval not to be unreasonable withheld.
  11. Landlord reserves the right to relocate a mobile or manufactured home within the park with good reason, on thirty (30) day’s notice to the tenant. The landlord will pay all reasonable costs associated with such relocation.
  12. No commercial enterprises, peddling or solicitation of any kind shall be allowed in the Community unless prior written approval of the park management is first obtained. The tenant is responsible for all required municipal and/or state approvals. (ie. Day Care, Babysitting, Tailoring, Retail sales, etc.)


This lease and any renewal or extension and any continued occupancy by the Tenant following the expiration of the initial or any extension or renewed term is and shall remain subject and subordinate to any mortgage(s) now or hereafter affecting the premises and any extensions, modifications, or replacements thereof. The Tenant agrees to honor any assignment of leases and/or rents to the holder of any such Mortgage(s) or any referee or receiver which may be appointed. Although no further subordination instrument is required. lf requested by Landlord Tenant will within 10 days of demand execute a further instrument confirming that this lease is in full force and effect, subordinate to any such mortgage(s) and that the Landlord and Tenant are not in default of its terms.

  1. The minimum size for a mobile or manufactured home to be situated in the park is fourteen (14) feet by sixty (60) feet. If a lot is large enough for a double wide home, the management reserves the right to require a double wide home on that lot.
  2. All mobile or manufactured homes will be enclosed by tenant with management approved type of skirting within THIRTY (30) DAYS of tenant’s arrival in the park. All skirting must be properly secured to the home in a workmanlike manner to prevent gaps and spacing.
  3. Tenants may have one (1) utility shed consisting of no more than an eight (8) foot by ten (10) foot structure. No additional structures may be erected or added to the lot without first obtaining written permission from the landlord. All new sheds must be wooden with a peaked roof. The exterior must be vinyl, cedar, or Hardee-Board Sided and the roofs must all have asphalt shingles.
  4. No building, structure or fence shall be built on the tenant’s premise without the written permission and approval of the landlord as to character, material, location and suitability. lf so permitted, the same must be maintained in good repair and appearance prior to undertaking any repair work on the mobile or manufactured home or the mobile or manufactured home site, tenant shall comply with all applicable municipal codes, rules and regulations, including obtaining a building permit and a certificate of occupancy, if needed, as well as obtaining management approval of such construction. Upon request, any contractor employed by the tenant must display proof of insurance to management in order to assure the protection of both tenant and landlord.
  5. Tenants are required to maintain their lot in a neat and presentable condition. All buildings and improvements must be kept in good repair and painted or sided at all times. The premises shall be kept free of all junk, trash and debris. Failure to adhere to this term shall empower the landlord to have such work performed and charge the tenant as additional rent or at the discretion of the landlord be deemed in default of the terms and conditions of this lease agreement.
  6. The tenant shall be responsible to mow the lawn and maintain the yard for the lot. In the event a tenant fails to perform the maintenance park management shall mow the lawn at a cost of $35.00 per mowing and charge the tenant as additional rent.
  7. The tenant must furnish plastic or metal containers for all garbage, rubbish and trash, and at all times the containers must be properly covered and concealed behind the mobile or manufactured home. Tenant shall employ good recycling practices whenever possible.
  8. The Landlord has made arrangements with a local contractor for weekly garbage pick-up within the park. If Tenant desires to have roadside pickup the fee is 35.00 per month due and payable as additional rent on the first day of each month. It is understood that the fee may increase during the term of the lease since these fees are set by the contractor. If the Tenant desires roadside pick-up please inform the management.
  9. All residents are prohibited and must refrain from disposing of grease, paper towels, coffee grounds, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, cat and like materials through the septic system. Only toilet paper is to be flushed. The use of garbage disposal units in the community is strictly prohibited. Tenants who violate this rule be directly responsible for all repair costs and expenses.
  10. Maintenance of the fuel, electrical, sewer and water lines from the mobile or manufactured home to the community hook-up and any necessary heating tape, shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant. Any damage to the Community’s utilities and/or infrastructure caused by tenant’s failure to adhere to this rule shall be borne solely by the tenant.
  11. Oil and Propane tanks must be constructed of metal and in conformity with all Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations. All fuel tanks, including propane tanks, shall be stored at the rear of the mobile or manufactured home. Tenants are responsible for the maintenance of any fuel tank, and tenant hereby holds the landlord harmless from and against any damage, whether personal injury or property damage, occasioned by a spill, leak or drainage of oil, fuel or any other petroleum Product.
  12. Storage of any materials of any kind under the mobile or manufactured home is strictly forbidden.
  13. The only clotheslines allowed in the Community will be rotary clotheslines or collapsible umbrella-type clothesline. No rubbish, brooms, mops, pails or any such accumulations will be permitted on the exterior of the mobile or manufactured home.
  14. Tenants are allowed ONE antenna that must be no more than five feet in height measure from the roof of the home. Any antenna shall be placed on the left rear side of the mobile or manufactured home.
  15. Tenants must keep their homes free from vermin and household pests.
  16. No water tap shall be kept open and allowed to run to prevent freezing or for any other purpose. No washing of nonresident cars shall be performed within the Community. No lawn sprinklers are permitted within the Community. No swimming pools, “kiddie pools” or pools of any type or size are allowed in the Community.
  17. No trampolines are allowed on lots.
  18. The following is the policy for pets:
    • NO pets are allowed without Landlords express written permission. If permission is granted, Landlord, in his sole discretion, may require an additional non-refundable deposit for pets. With Landlords permission only common household pets will be allowed which include small dogs up to 24 lbs. maximum, and cats. Pets must be licensed and wear identification tags in the event they get loose. There is a limit of two pets per household (cat or dog) only. No pets that are considered to be a vicious, has a bit history will be allowed. Pet litter must be removed from home-site on a daily basis and AT NO TIME is cat litter permitted to be emptied into the septic system.
    • Pets are NOT ALLOWED TO RUN FREE AT ANY TIME. WHEN OUTSIDE THEY MUST be on a hand held lease. The pet owner MUST pick up all pet waste. Pets that repeatedly constitute a danger or annoyance to other people, including but not limited to; excessive barking, lunging, or threatening behaviors, running free or not disposing of waste will be considered in default under the terms of the lease agreement and the lease term may be cancelled at the Landlords discretion and Tenant will be evicted.
    • If the tenant is deemed to be in violation o{‘either “A” or “B” above, in the sole discretion of the landlord, the tenant shall be in default of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement/park rules and regulations and the lease term may be cancelled pursuant to New York State Real Property Law 233.
  19. There will be no unnecessary or excessive noise from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. Each tenant shall respect the privacy rights of all other tenants and will not adversely affect the environment or use of the park by the other tenants.
  20. No children shall be allowed in any of the buildings adjacent to the park, and all land surrounding the park is posted and you are prohibited from entering in or upon same without prior written permission from the landowner.
  21. No children are permitted to play in the roadway or streets of the park.
  22. No tenant or child shall enter upon the premises of another tenant unless they have specific approval and permission from the other tenant. No trespassing on another tenant’s lot.
  23. Residents will be held strictly responsible and liable for any damage caused by them or their children or guests.
  24. No wood stoves or fireplaces of any type or kind are permitted in the park.
  25. No petroleum or other combustible materials or firewood shall be stored on the lot, except in approved storage tanks.
  26. The newly built section of the community is reserved strictly for the use of the homeowners in that section.
  27. The existing community is reserved strictly for the use of the homeowners in that section.
  28. The speed limit throughout the park is 5 MPH, and there shall be no speeding within any part of the mobile or manufactured home park. Please advise all guests of the speed limit. The speed limit is clearly marked in the park, observe all signs.
  29. No parking on the street or lawns will be permitted, and cars shall be parked only within the designated parking areas of each lot.
  30. NO boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, commercial vehicles, campers, unregistered vehicles or similar type recreational vehicles shall be parked, stored, maintained, repaired upon the tenant’s lot within the park.
  31. NO mini-bikes, dirt bikes, three and/or four wheel all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles or any other off-road vehicle are permitted in the park or its surrounding land, nor shall said vehicles be stored upon the tenant’s lot within the park.
  32. Each mobile or manufactured home site is allowed NO MORE THAN TWO REGISTERED VEHICLES in the park for the use of the occupants of the mobile or manufactured home. All homes are given two parking spaces. No more than two cars can be parked at any lot any given time. All guest cars must be parked in guest parking. No car can be parked in guest parking for more than 24 hours.
    • Subject to Availability, the Landlord will provide a separate area for additional parking for additional vehicles owned by the tenant, trailers, boats, and/or recreational vehicles within the park. Any tenant with a need for such additional parking should contact park management to arrange for use of additional space. Space will be available on a first come, first serve basis at a starting rate of 50.00 per space for regular sized vehicles and will be due on a monthly basis as additional rent.
  33. No overhauling or repairing of vehicles, changing of oil, fluids or any other mechanical work is permitted on park grounds.
  34. No unlicensed person may operate a motor vehicle within the park.
  1. All park facilities are for the benefit of tenants only.
  2. In the winter months, management plows the common roadways. The individual driveways, paths and sidewalks are the sole and absolute responsibility of the tenant. Tenants shall perform such snow removal within twenty-four hours of accumulation and hold landlord harmless from any claim or injury resulting from Tenant’s failure to shovel their own area.
  3. It is strongly encouraged that tenants carry their own liability insurance and fire insurance.
  4. Tenant shall be solely responsible for any and all injury, damage, or loss of the tenant, tenant’s guest, invitees, or visitors by reason of accident, fire, theft or negligence. This shall include injury to tenant’s own guest, guests of other tenant’s own property. Tenant hereby holds the landlord harmless of and from any claim for injury or damage to any person arising out of the tenant’s intentional, reckless or negligent act, omission or error.
  2. Each tenant is required to provide and maintain one mailbox for his or her own use, which shall be maintained in good condition and shall have the name and site number of the tenant prominently displayed and be located in an area designated by the Landlord.
  3. NO guns, bows and arrows, or rifles shall be used in any portion of the park, and target practice of any kind is strictly prohibited. NO HUNTING OR FISHING will be permitted within or upon the park grounds.
  4. All new tenants must comply with all park rules and regulations prior to taking occupancy of their home.
  5. The Department of Health, and the Town of Stuyvesant will periodically inspect the park, and any violations attributable to any tenant will be remedied within ten days or the tenant will be in default.
  1. Each of the following shall be deemed a default by Tenant and a breach of this Lease:
    • A failure on the part of the Tenant to pay any installment of rent or to pay any additional rent, which failure persists after the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date Lessor gives written notice to Tenant calling attention to the existence of such failure.
    • A failure on the part of Tenant to observe or perform any of the other term, covenants and conditions of this Lease which failure persists after the expiration of ten (10) days from the date the Landlord gives notice to tenant calling attention to the existence of such failure.
    • A failure on the part of Tenant to observe or perform any of the other park rule or regulation which failure persists after the expiration of ten (10) days from the date the landlord gives notice to tenant calling attention to the existence of such failure.
  2. In the event of default the Tenant shall be responsible for any and all reasonable costs, disbursements and fees incurred by the landlord in enforcing the agreement, park rules and protecting the interests of the park, including all reasonable attorney’s fees incurred with respect to any eviction proceeding or any other actions to enforce these rules.
  3. An update tenant information sheet must be provided fully filled out and returned with each signed and dated lease prior to January 1,,of the new lease term for the lease to be in full force and effect. In addition, the tenant must provide the management with any changes in vehicles, pets or occupants names when if they should change throughout the term of this lease.

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